Can I request delivery time for my orders?

Due to road conditions that cannot be predicted, we do not accept delivery time requests.

When is the earliest time I can have my orders delivered?

We deliver 6 days a week. Our earliest delivery starts at 10.00 and ends at 18.00. Delivery is done alternately with other addresses.

Do you accept orders for same day delivery?

Yes. If you order, make payment, and have our confirmation before 12.00, then your orders can be delivered in the same day (delivery time: 14.00-18.00). But we suggest you to place your order minimum 2 days in advance in case we're already full to take your order.


Can I request a customized message to be written on my cake?

Yes, you can! But it is only possible for 24 cm size cake / 22cm size pie. On the order form, you can write the message inside 'additional notes' box (e.g.: 1 Boston Cream Cake 24 cm "Happy Birthday!"). For 16 cm size cake / pie you can request a greeting card instead.

Why is my order declined?

Because maybe your delivery address is not within our reach, or our order capacity is full on the delivery date you've chosen, or you asked our admin to cancel your order.

I cannot choose the area I'd like to save in the address section, why?

We only deliver to Jadetabek area in this page. So you cannot choose and save the area that's marked red in our list.


How do I store my cakes and pies?

You can place Dulcet cakes and pies with the box for maximum 5 hours at room temperature and 5 days in the fridge. We do not recommend you to store them in a freezer.

When is the best time to enjoy your products?

Our products are best enjoyed at the first 3 days. Flavours and colour changing will not happen if you follow our storing suggestions. Things like contaminated odour or other substances around our products are out of our responsibilities.


Can I ask for a refund?

Yes you can, if you want to cancel your order. But it can only be done min. 2 days before the delivery date. And if the order's already been processed in the kitchen, you cannot ask for refund/cancellation/change of product.

When can it be done?

Refund can be done at least 1 day before the delivery day. If the order is cancelled within 1 day of the delivery day, the customer will be given back 50% of the total amount of payment.

How long does it take to have my money back?

Your money will be transferred right after your refund request is accepted.



We provide free delivery service to our customers. Check whether your address is within our reach or not.

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