Our Story

DULCET is a cake shop based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Since 2012, we have delivered many cakes from a warm little kitchen of two sisters to everyone’s doorsteps. At DULCET, we believe in a good piece of home-style cake, so you can eat it daily. We want to be on every occasion, whether it's for the lovebirds along with the love note, for a birthday celebration, or just to be enjoyed with your loved ones. We want to be present in your special moments, in a picture with your smile and attached in your story for a lifetime.

And at the end of August 2019, our very first offline store has finally opened at The Energy SCBD, South Jakarta. A friendly to-go store, where you can meet our smiley staff, choose your favorite cakes and doughnuts, and pick them right up. Or you can hang out and chat a little at the side of our store.

You’ve seen and tasted our signature cakes and doughnuts, combinations of flavors you have never tried before: from Boston Cream Cake, Milk Crumble Cake, Regal & Joe Cake, to our recent Ube Donuts series, you know you can only get them at us. Every day our masterminds are trying their best to create new and delicious cakes for you. So wait for another surprise from our warm home kitchen (your taste bud will dance in happiness!).

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